About Us:

For residential and commercial customers, JN Landscaping understands the tremendous impact landscaping can have on property value, owner satisfaction, and public image. That is why we deliver the industry’s most professional and reliable services for properties across Southern California.

We meticulously design and install landscaping for a wide range of aesthetics. We also present your property image in the most positive light possible. Our highly trained and professional staff deliver top-tier customer service, possess extensive industry knowledge, and work with you to develop innovative solutions to your landscaping challenges.

Our Skills

Landscape Maintenance, Installation, and Repair

Water Management

Irrigation Strategies

Low-Voltage Lighting

Tree Care

Landscape Design

We provide gorgeous custom landscaping for commercial and residential properties. Our professional landscapers are the best you’ll find.

Seasonal Services

Every season offers new landscaping opportunities and we love helping you and your yard fall in love with each other over and over again.

Interior Plant Care

Interior plant care can be cumbersome let us take care of it for you. Your job is to enjoy the beauty are job is to maintain it for you.

Irrigation Installation

Our professional irrigation installation is the best money can buy. We take the time to understand your needs and the best way to accommodate them.

Landscape Maintenance

Irrigation repair can be a serious issue and should be approached by professionals that understand the ins and outs of it. We are ready to fix yours today.

Landscape Lighting

Our team specializes in landscape lighting. We offer romantic, professional, and custom lighting design. Are you ready a new kind of elegant?